Yagapon is a young red Puffball who wields the green mega sword. He's currently 8 years old. He is the hero of an island on the other side of pop star called Soda island.

Yagapon New
Hi,I know I have a floating sword!Ian't that perfectly normal?-Yagapon




Using his floating sword.


Emerald,Bubbles,Kirby and Other friends of kirby




Hero on the other side of pop star.




Good Guy,Hero and Ally


past 1-5 yearsEdit

Yagapon Was born about 10 years after kirby was born.He was born with a strange star-shaped birthmark.At first bubble town was a peaceful town,but then king kekeke attacked.His perents and many others got kidnaped as slaves.But yagapon flead to the great forest.After he got deep into the forest his star was glowing like crazy.Finalliy,The star got so bright he found the green mega sword.A voice in the forest said only one with star power can handle the sword.He picked it up and he could handle it.He could even make it float in the air and slash it and do sword beams.After that he went out of the forest and into king kekeke's castle.With his sword he defeated the king and became a hero.

6-8 yearsEdit

After that he decided to go on the other side of pop star and met kirby.He also met jane,Dilli,he found a Kwelos statue in the musem and all of kirby's most dasterly villains (in fake exibits in the musum.He then stayed in kirby's house that is now bigger becuse jane and dilli had moved into it.He saw a sock and wore it but he got sucked up by the sock to patch land.He met prince fluff and then he went back to dream land.Kirby was outside and yagapon was spying on him.then an enemy waddle doo appered.Kirby inhaled it and copied it.Yagapon was puzzled why kirby got a strange hat (The other side of popstar has no clue about coping powers)not only that but kirby shot a strange whip of electricatiy from a rod.Yagapon shoed himshelf and asked kirby how did you do that?Then kirby explained how to copy.Yagapon then swolled a waddle dee.he got nothing.Then Kirby told him about some enemies don't give abilitys.Then once more he used it on a hot head.Insted of him geting the ability his sword got the power to light on fire and his star turned light red and he could blow fire too.Then he said goodbye and told everybody about the other side Espesaliy the copy abilitys.He then became the youngest hero ever to go on the other side.Still at the age of 8 he joined team gemstones with his friend bubbles.



  • Getting the ultra sword ability makes his sword no bigger but very powerful.
  • He was based on a clay figure 10 Brave Kirbys made and he named it yagapon.He had all fetures exsept his star.