Wizard kirby

Kirby preforming a wand spell. He is also holding a collector pet.

Wizard Kirby wields magical powers from swallowing a wandless Simirror.

it also appears in Kirby and the Time Tassle.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Kirby tuns blue with orange shoes, on his face he has some new looks. He gains two red star shaped cheeks and a yellow thunder bolt at the top of his head. Wizard Kirby also dons a royal blue wizard hat with a yellow brim and yellow stars and a gold wand with a green crystal ball at the top.


B Wand Spell

Kirby shoots out random colored stars out of his Wand. There are different colored stars that have different effects per color.

Star Effects

Purple - Normal

Red - Burn

Blue - Freeze

Green - Shocks

Rainbow - Powerful, Rare


16 - 100

Dash + B Hat Drill Kirby dashes, and his hat turns into a drill. It moves across the ground.



B in the Air Spin Spell Kirby spins in the air while he's doing a wand spell making it spin around him. Again the colors depend on the effect.



B + Down in the Air Down Drill Kirby does a hat drill in midair, and it darts down at the ground.



Hold B for 3 seconds and Release Super Spell Kirby does a wand spell but the damage doubles and the colors still do the damage.


32 - 200

Dash + Jump + B Broom Glide Kirby gets out his broom and rides it. However it will glide down slowly.



B + Up Collector Pet Kirby takes out a gold object that flies around and picks up items. It will come back to him when it has 3 items or has been out for 10 seconds, and give him any items it has.
B + X Poyoexleocis Kirby does an explosion of stars while saying, "poyoexleocis", destroying all enemies on the screen and creating a few random items too. This gets rid of the ability, however, and cuts Kirby's hp to 1/3




  • There are things that may refer to Harry Potter, including the thunder bolt, which refers to the thunder bolt scar on Harry's head and the Collector's Pet refers to the golden snitch.