This article is about Whispy Woods as he appears in Kirby: Dream Land Force. If you're looking for the canon one, there isn't a page for it yet or any other form of him.

Whispy Woods is the first boss of Kirby: Dream Land Force, specifically the boss of Green Grasslands

Intro/Story Edit

Upon entering the boss stage you'll find a woodland path with a Team Switcher and Copy Essences with Beam and Stone for Kirby characters. At the end of the path is a door that leads you to the boss. In the room, you'll see Whispy Woods peacefully minding his own business, until you arrive, that is.

Battle Edit

Whispy's first part has a pattern thats pretty easy to follow

First, he'll fire 3 weak air puffs

Then, he'll shake his leaves, causing apples and worms to fall.

Next, he inhales and if caught, he'll spit you into a tree

It repeats until you deplete his health bar to half and the second part beigns. The first part was supposed to be very easy, even for Whispy. Suddenly, a portal will open up and Dark Matter appears. He powers up Whispy and leaves through the portal. Whispy will suddenly glow purple and get very angry. The second part's pattern is just a much stronger version of the first

First, he takes a deep breath and fires a barrage of about 20 air puffs that scatter around the room

Then, he'll shake his leaves making more-damaging poison apples and Gordos fall

Next, he does a much more powerful inhale, chewing you when in his mouth and spitting you out faster

When defeated, dark energy pours out of him and floats into the sky. Then Whispy sheds a tear as usual.

Reward Edit

500 XP

"Air Puff" move for Kirby

Access to Magenta Mountain