Utility Kirby

Utility Kirby

Utility Kirby is a fanon ability for Kirby. Kirby becomes this when inhaling most mechanical enemies.


Kirby is still circular, but is somewhat larger, for instead of it being his body, it is a steel plating that covers him. The plating has three wheels, and two arms, one having a drill and the other having a claw, attached to a joint on the top of the suit.

Utility KirbyEdit


B Drill Kirby attacks with his drill. Holding B will make the drill continue to spin. Kirby can walk while using this attack.
B+Walk Smash Kirby rapidly smashes his claw in front of him, hurting anything that gets in the way. He can walk while using this attack.
B+Sprint Charge Kirby runs forward, so fast he is on fire. When he stops, or hits anything he can't walk through, Kirby is frozen for three seconds.
B+Down Maximum Power Kirby uses his claw to grip the drill, and he stands in one place, leeching energies from the area. Kirby starts flashing when he is at maximum power. Per five seconds, he deals 50% extra damage, with the max being 500% extra damage. If an enemy is nearby, it becomes absorbed and the element damage will be equivalent to it's copy ability. If the enemy has no copy ability, however, it adds 50% extra damage.
B+Up Laser A laser-gun rises from Kirby's back. It aims at the closest enemy. It is horrible against most bosses, however.
X Cannon A cannon drops out of Kirby's back. It can be used in many ways.

X - Cannon is Out


Inside the armor, Kirby presses a button, causing a cannonball to shoot out of the cannon. The downside is that the cannonball can hurt Kirby, so he has to be behind the cannon, or in an area the cannonball won't hit.

X - Near Cannon Kirby-Ball Kirby gets into the cannon, removes the cannonball, and presses a button, causing the cannon to launch Kirby very far in front of him. However, Kirby can take serious damage depending on where he lands.
X+Walk Grenade Kirby pulls a grenade out of his back, and holds it. Holding X keeps Kirby holding it, so you can aim it with the stylus. Kirby can walk while holding the grenade. Beware, for you need to be quick on where you throw it, as it will explode on you if you hold it to long.
X+Sprint Static Field While sprinting, Kirby charges up static electricity, making a shield around him. It stays there for a set duration, unless Kirby keeps moving around.
X+Down Grenade Gun Kirby pulls his drill out of his arm and turns it into a gun, armed with exploding bullets. Kirby can aim with the stylus. You don't have to hold down or X in order to keep it out. Pressing X+Down again changes it back to the drill, so that Kirby can have his other attacks back.
X+Up Missile Kirby makes a small cannon come out of his back, attached to a few joints, and it fires missiles at nearby enemies until none are left on the screen.
R Iron Defense Kirby becomes invulnerable to all attacks. During boss battles, Kirby can only take small bits of damage from the Bosses themselves. Releasing R makes Kirby mobile again.
L+Static Field Explode When Kirby is in a pinch, but doesn't need the ability anymore, and he has his static field up, the suit flashes red. It then explodes, destroying everything on the screen and deals 500 damage to Bosses. However, Kirby has to sacrifice two damage, too, and loses the copy ability.

Super Utility KirbyEdit

When Kirby inhales a super version of an enemy that carries the ability, he becomes Death Machine Kirby. Kirby looks like a giant version of Utility Kirby, but looks angry, covered in spikes, and becomes almost immune to damage.


Super Utility Kirby has only one attack, which takes no button pressing, excluding movement buttons.

Collision+Enemy Kirby runs over his enemies and the landscape.


  • When trying to use it's Down B power in water, Kirby takes damage instead.
  • It is probably one of the only copy ability that's sprite would be far larger in size than Kirby's base sprite.
  • It was made up when Race6000 got the idea of a scientist combining Kirby and a droid.