Ultra Waddle Deemon
Ultra Waddle Deemon

Created by/in

2011, Shacho


Kirby: Starry Battles


Dangerous Desert

Ultra Waddle Deemon is the boss of the Kirby: Starry Battles level, Dangerous Desert. He is a more powerful version of a Waddle Deemon.

VS. Ultra Waddle DeemonEdit

The battle starts with Kirby near a volcano in a volcanic region of Dangerous Desert. Soon, the Ultra Waddle Deemon flies out of the volcano, and starts attacking Kirby. Ultra Waddle Deemon's first attacks are shooting flame blasts at Kirby, and flying across the screen, trying to hit Kirby. When Ultra Waddle Deemon has 50% health, his attacks become more powerful, and he starts flinging lava rocks at KIrby. At 1% health, Ultra Waddle Deemon flies into the volcano, and encases itself with lava, and prepares to crush Kirby. Kirby then has to attack the lava ball, which will push it back, and on the tenth hit, it will explode, defeating the Ultra Waddle Deemon.