Splarkler is a green being covered in a glittery azure gel. He gives the Sparkle ability when inahled.

There are multiple species of Splarklers, and the Sparkle ability they give differs from each breed.
  • a normal splarkler
  • a fire splarkler
  • an ice splarkler
  • a thunder splarkler

Physical Appearance Edit

Splarkler is a ball of neon green goo shaped as a sphere. Blue gel encircles it's body, and it has green hands(which also appear to be created from slime). It's eyes are a jet black, a nice contrast to the other colours.

Attacks Edit

Splarkler has a variety of attacks.

  • He shoots a sparkle that withdraws about 1/16 from Kirby's health bar.
  • Shooting a huge sparkle that withdraws about 1/5 from Kirby's health bar.
  • And finally, shooting a stream of sparkles at the player(as shown in the image above).