Sparkle kirby

Sparkle Kirby

Sparkle Kirby is a Copy Ability that enables Kirby to shoot far-going projectiles called, "Sparkles." He can get it from the enemy Splarkler.

B Sparkle Shot Kirby shoots a sparkle out of his staff that has a very far range. He can also shoot up to three sparkles if the player holds B.
Dash + B Shiny Somersault Kirby rolls into a ball and sparkles surround him. As long as he holds B, he can keep rolling but gets slower and slower the longer he holds it.
B in the Air Sparkleworks While in the air, Kirby faces the player and sets sparkles around him in a firework setup.
B + Down in the Air Sparkle Storm Kirby shoots down multiple sparkles while in the air.

Shiny Somersault + B + Up

Air Launch Kirby swiftly darts upwards and spins creating a tornado of sparkles around him.
L/R + Release Minor Explosion

Kirby stops guarding and lets out a small explosion of sparkles around him.