Snow Kirby (Snowball Kirby in Japan) is a ability much like Ice Kirby. It involves Kirby throwing snowballs at enemies. You can get it from the canon enemy Mopoo.

Snowball Kirby
"Grab a snowball and throw! Start a snowball fight! Dash to skate! Load up on snowballs in icy areas for very much ammo"!




Snowball Icon


Kirby Super Star:Wii





Other Powers

Cooling down fire blocks.



Move Controls Effect Damage Properties Copy Scroll
Snowball Icon Snow Ball ready 1 Kirby creates a snowball that takes about 4 seconds to make. N/A N/A Kirby makes the snow ball quicker.
Snowball Icon Snow Throw 1 (After Snow Ball ready) Kirby throws the snow ball and it results in a chilliy impact. It freezes the foe as well. 60 Ice The snow balls now curve a bit to hit enemies.
Snowball Icon XMega Ball 1 Hold..... relese and 1 again Kirby starts creating a giant snow ball. When the player releses the 1 botton he redies to throw it but it reduces his speed and he may collapse on the ground until he throws it. However, when it get thrown it goes about 3 tiles and just sits there and will explode (In a friendliy matter) if left alone. The player must throw it down a slope to make it roll. 80 Ice Copy scroll required to learn.
Snowball Icon Ball aim 1+ D pad (After snow ball ready) Kirby throws his snow ball in that direction. 60 Ice N/A
Snowball Icon Snow Roll Dash+1 Kirby turns into a snow ball a little bigger than himshelf and rolls about 5 tiles. 20 Ice Kirby can go an extra 2 tiles for every enemy hit.
Snowball Icon Ball Storm 1 Down in the air Kirby throws 3 snowballs that sperd in the opposing diagnoil direction. 30 (For each ball) Ice Kirby throws 4 snow balls.
Snowball Icon Skate Dash Kirby skates like Ice Kirby only less graceful. N/A N/A N/A
Snowball Icon Mini-gloo A Kirby takes guard in a small igloo. When A is relesed it freezes all enemies around a small radis. 20 Ice N/A
Snowball Icon XLoad up B+Down (in icy areas) Kirby instantly creates 3 snow balls that follow him ready to be thrown. It can only be used in icy levels. N/A N/A Copy scroll required to learn.

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