Rainbow Kirby is an ability that lets Kirby shoot out rainbow projectiles and do other stuff. He can get the ability by swallowing a RainRibbon. It also allows him to walk on rainbows insted of falling through them.

Rainbow Kirby
Rainbow kirby
Now you can see rainbows anytime you want! Try to shoot many color droplets!! Or Rocket up into the sky with a rainbow jump!! You can even Ride rainbows!!


Kirby 3D World




Rainbow hat with a green star, Blue body, Purple shoes, and Yellow cheeks with a crystal like staff.



Other powers

He can ride rainbows.




Kirby 3D World is for the Wii. If you say that it's not for the Wii, Dr. Robotnik will eat ye!

Move Controls Effect Damage
Color Drops 1 Kirby Shoots out a rainbow ball of any color. It is affected by gravity. 10
Rainbow Beam 1 Hold......Relese Kirby shoots out a rainbow laser that goes out 5 squares and then stops. It does great damage. 60
Rainbow Rush Dash+1 Kirby dashes for a few seconds leaving a rainbow trail behind him. 30
Rainbow Spin 1 in the air. Kirby spins in the air and a small rainbow spins around him. 15
Rainbow Spin Ultra Dash+1 in the air Kirby Does a more advanced rainbow spin that is faster and sreads through enemies. 30
Color Swoop 1+B in the air Kirby swoops down barely touching the ground and rockects up about 5 tiles. A rianbow trail is left behind. 40
Rain-Grab 1 near foe Kirby grabs the nearby foe. N/A
Rain-Throw 1 after Rain-Grab Kirby throws the enemy and the enemy shoots in a stright line and sreads through enemies. This also leaves behind a rainbow trail. 80
Rainbow Plates 1 shake wii mote Kirby shoots out many rainbow plates that deflect enemy attacks. 5
Mega Jump B+2+1 Kirby does a huge jump 10 tiles high. A rainbow trail is left behind. 60
Color Rain 1+A Kirby shoots 3 rainbow droplets upward.