Puffball Star Squad is a Fan-Fic made by 10 Brave Kirbys about a group of Puffballs living in a base getting letters from Dreamlanders and doing various tasks and deeds for them.

Kirby Star Squad
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"Making Dream Land a dream!"- Motto


10 Brave Kirbys


10 Brave Kirbys



Main Characters

Erik, Lumoe and Kirby


Adventure 1: Debut of the StarsEdit

Chapter 1:Another Day

Chapter 2:New Mission

Chapter 3:The Forest


Image Name Description Personality Copy Eccence Deluxe
N/A Kirby The well known Kirby may seem like the main character but it seems that Erik is due to Kirby not going on missions due to his own little adventures like Kirby Starry Battles or Kirby Super Star. Brave, Strong. Sword
N/A Erick The highest ranking Puffball in class C. He's the leader of missions when Kirbys not there. Witty, Humorus, Energetic. Hammer
N/A Lumoe Though she seems calm and smart she really lets loose when mad. She has great fighting skills! Calm (Some of the time), Responsible,Smart Fighter
N/A Isaya A random and seemingly always happy Puffball who seems to be weak unless he has his secret wepon:Bomb. Random, Silly, Crazy (When Bomb ability is triggerd. Bomb

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