Nurvy is a yellow puffball girl with the Needle hat. She was born a quadruplet in Cappy Town with her three brothers, Lirby, Hirby, and Jurby.

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She is Lirby's long lost quadruplet sister, she can fuse with Lirby to form Borealos, a dangerous and volatile fusion.

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Lirby: Nurvy has close relationship with her brother, he is the only person she has fused with.

Hirby: Nurvy has only recently met Hirby, but he's her brother and she already likes him a lot.

Jurby: Despite being his sister, Nurvy has never met him.

Krolg: Nurvy dislikes Krolg, as he is a psycho, who mercilessly kills anyone who he wants.

BDee: Nurvy admires BDee's fighting prowess, but the two have never formally met.

Dedede: Nurvy thinks the king is rather stupid but respects him for giving her a place to live and train.

Dr. Simirror: She thinks he is a good medic, but they have never talked.

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  • She thinks Krolg's name is Craig.
  • Nurvy's theme music is "Cut Man Stage" from the Mega Man OST.
    Mega Man (NES) Music - Cut Man Stage

    Mega Man (NES) Music - Cut Man Stage

    Nurvy's theme music.