Neblavano is an evil star that appears in Kirby and the Time Tassle. He wanted to destroy the puff constellation so Kirby would be destroyed. However, Kirby destroyed him, but he managed to call forth Starlord's soul before he exploded.


In his first phase, attacks do no damage to him and he shoots shock waves everywhere that can't be blocked or destroyed, and thats the only attack he does. Kirby is K.O.'ed in about three shots but does not lose a life, which is supposed to happen. Then Kirby automatically goes to phase two.

In phase two, attacks can hurt him and he uses different moves.

First, he shoots down three slow stars. Afterwards, he moves across the screen. Next he'll go into the background attemping to ram Kirby. He charges up for a giant laser and fires, then attempts to drop bombs on Kirby.  After more than half of his HP is depleted, he shoots 4 fast stars. When he goes into the background he splits into 3 beings and they all try to crash into Kirby. Neblavano can now move his giant laser a bit. He also drops bombs, but this time they make a huge explosion and he has a new move of shooting a beam that depletes 2/3 of Kirby's health.


  • Neblavano has a very close resemblance to Dark Nebula.
  • He is possibly another member of the Dark Matter race.