They are bosses in an kirby time tassle 2 . They are a tag-team boss only in cream clouds in ice isle and vast valcano thier seprate

Physical apperancEdit

Mr.burr and mr.burrn

the tag team Mr.burr and burrn

Left: Mr.Burr / Right: Mr.Burrn


Little is known about their attacks,but in the Fanon trailer (that doesn't exist). Mr.Burr can be seen throwing snow flakes resembling his shoulder pads, blowing a small blizzard, turning into a ball of ice, and spinning all over the place.

Mr.Burrn is shown blowing fire from the palms of his hands, throwing the orange star on his chest that lights on fire, and popping out fireballs from his crown that make a fire on the ground.

They also hold hands and spin around creating a vortex of ice and fire.