Kirby menu

the games main menu

It's a game based on Kirby Super Star Ultra that has mostly the same gameplay.

Diffrences Edit

  • The Player can play games from Kirby Super Star Ultra, along with the newer games
  • There are new games
  • New sub games
  • New abilities incuding wizardmace and new helpers
  • New minigames
  • Old glitches fixed
  • Old sub games from Super Star and Super Star Ultra
  • Super Abilities
  • Fan cameos and non-Fan cameos
  • some levels have remixes from other games, mostly Mass Attack, Epic Yarn, and Return to Dreamland
  • New Bosses
  • if Kirby sucks up his Ability Star and a Mini Boss, he gets to chosse what ability he recieves
  • Ultra Stars can be found throughout the game to shop with
  • the player can set the Difficulty level to match their skill or challenge themselves
  • In the game, Meta Knight is missing his mask. He plays the game without his mask or sword, and Kirby has to teach him the ways of the Kirby species.

A Mini Boss called Star Boomer gives out Ultra Stars when defeated.

main menuEdit

new games

shows new sub games.but it starts with 1 sub game


shows minigames


views all unlocked movies


a multi player mpde where kirbys have to fight eachother useing abilties and star spits to see who's the last one standing

kirby's room

kirby can decorate his room with the furntre he has


you can dress kirby up with assesories he has collected or enter him in a contest


kirby can use his ultra stars to buy things

check list

kirby can do challenges on levals to put things on it

art zone

the player can draw,draw on characters,and also make an elbum for the ultimate abilty

helper games

you play as a helper for the whole game in this mode

arena town

kirby can do sevaral arenas