Kirby Universe
Kirby Universe 10BK
"The forces of Neo-X are invading! With Kirby missing, new heroes will have to rise to combat the invasion!"

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Release date:

Japan: September 2012

U.S.: January 2013



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10 Brave Kirbys

Kirby Universe is a MMORPG, the first one in Kirby history.


In a distant solar system, a planet explodes. Millions of starships flee the planet, and only half of them escape the explosion. They start looking for a new hospitable planet to live on, and find Popstar. They leader of the aliens (the Arcans), Neo-X, commands the fleet to start landing on the planet. On Popstar, the Puffball Military detects the alien spaceships, and believe it to be a threat. They open fire on the ships, and take one down. Neo-X then yells, "This means war!!!!!!!" They start attacking the planet Popstar, and kidnap Kirby. Now, new heroes must rise, and defeat down the forces of Neo-X!

Character CreationEdit


Before you start playing the game, you have to make yourself a Puffball avatar. You can select from many parts. For example, you can make your avatar male or female, select the skin colour, and add on other features! Those who pre-ordered the game got a special Kirby cape.


When you enter the game, you have to choose the path you take. There are five paths: Necromancer, Scientist, Ninja, Soldier, and Wizard. Each path gives you special abilities. For example, the Necromancer path will allow you send out ghost armies, and the Ninja path will allow you to sneak up on enemies, and attack them from behind.


In the Kirby Universe game, users can found there own groups. People can join these groups, and do things in them. An example is this: lets say that there is a group called "The Great PvP War," and in it, players battle eachother in massive battles. Another example is this: there is a group called the Science and Necro group. In that group, people who chose the Science path and Necromancer path can team up and participate in missions together.


A mission is, well, you guessed it! A mission. In most missions, you're battling the forces of Neo-X, but not all the times. Sometimes, you may be battling King Dedede's forces, Arcan Supporters (inhabitants of Popstar who support the Arcans), other aliens, and many more! Normally, a mission will be released twice a month, but for continued missions, one will be released every week.

Mission ListEdit

  1. The First Battle
  2. Destroy the Drill
  3. Stop the Supporters
  4. Defeat King Dedede Part 1
  5. Defeat King Dedede Part 2
  6. Sabotage the Negotiation
  7. Battle at Halcandra Part 1
  8. Battle at Halcandra Part 2
  9. Battle at Halcandra Part 3
  10. Investigate Crash Site
  11. Protect Nova
  12. Destroy Nova
  13. Intrude the Sky Fort
  14. Bring Down the Sky Fort
  15. Defeat Marx and his Soldiers
  16. Defeat Magolor II
  17. Defeat Zero 3
  18. Destroy the Robots
  19. Invade the Mother Ship
  20. Protect Base Alpha
  21. Protect Base Zeta
  22. Protect Base Epsilon
  23. Liberate Base Epsilon
  24. Defend Lab 071 (all dead villains get revived at the end)
  25. Destroy Base 6R
  26. Defeat the Krell
  27. Send out the Tanks
  28. Protect Chemical: 5R85
  29. Chase the Troops
  30. Destroy Fusion Neo-X
  31. Save Pocket kirby

Mission BossesEdit

  1. Kardu (leader of the Arcan Supporters)
  2. Super Armored Waddle Dee
  3. King Dedede
  4. Super Armored Waddle Doo
  5. Nova Core
  6. Marx
  7. Magolor II
  8. Zero 3
  9. Metal Neo-X
  10. Arcon-Controlled Metal General
  11. Chaor (highest ranking Krell)
  12. Fusion Neo-X
  13. Waddle Dee King Zee (King Dedede and Zero3 double agent) possessed by ZeroMind
  14. King Bubble

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  • Some of the game was inspired by the canceled Lego MMORPG.