Welcome to the Kirby Fan Fiction Wiki!
This is a Kirby fanfiction wiki that anyone can edit!.
Currently, there are 1,044 cool creative articles! This site will allow you to make any made-up Kirby thing your mind can think of, we also allow Roleplays (In fact, the wikia's currently ran by a bunch of roleplayers) but please, no useless articles that don't have anything to do with Kirby, or themes that are too dark for a series like this!

Welcome to the Kirby Fan Fiction Wiki!

Kirby (Slightly Edited)

Poyo poyo!

This wiki is a wiki for Kirby Fanon stuff. Note that none of it is real and we are not trying to trick you into thinking it is real. This wiki includes Fan Games, Roleplays, Fan Abilities, Fan Characters, and all kinds of fan idea, whatever you want! New members are always welcome. So if you are reading this and you like the idea, please, come and join us. Spread the word as well. Something you can do that would be greatly appreciated is to try to clean up spelling/grammar that does not look right, as it is a big help for the Wikia!


April 14th, 2018: Chiptheblewcat, BlueSectorMirage, and Armorchompy are promoted.

February 2nd, 2020 Void Termina the Destroyer and Zackson224 are promoted.

Messages from Admins

Hello everyone! I have made an adoption form for the wikia, and gladly, it was a success! Hopefully we can build up the Wikia from here, it was very nice in order to get it set up again! Chip 18:06, December 1, 2011 (UTC)Chiptheblewcat

Hello There! Me and another few guys have become bureaucrats, and we are planning to make the wiki much better than it now is! Armorchompy, 19/04/2018

Hey there, and welcome to Kirby Fan Fiction Wikia. We hope you enjoy staying here, and help us to make this wiki better!! Void Termina the Destroyer (talk) 10:32, February 7, 2020 (UTC)

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If you have an idea for the wiki tell us in the talk page! User:10 Brave Kirbys Stone Helpers How Many times do I have to tell you Don't Look at Medusa 21:04, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

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