Kirby: Starry Battles 2
Kirby- Starry Battles 2
"The battle against Starlord renews itself, being more dangerous than ever before!"-back of game case

Created by

Shacho(real-life), Nintendo

Release Date

Japan: 2012

US: 2013







Kirby: Starry Battles 2 is a sequel to Kirby: Starry Battles.


Kirby is riding with jane on his Warp Star, when he notices something strange. Darkness surrounds Popstar, and a hard to see orange orb fires a blast of energy at Kirby and Jane. The Warp Star crashes, and Kirby and Jane land somewhere. They then make their way through some obstacles, and find the Lor Starcutter. It has apparently crashed, and Jane believes that Landia may be nearby. Suddenly, a black portal appears, and Kirby and Jane are sucked into it, and end up in another dimension. A more evil looking version of Landia is there, and Kirby and Jane have to battle her. After beating Landia, the three of them end up back on Popstar, and Landia returns to normal, and flies off. Jane then comes up with the idea to use the ship to fly up to that mysterious orange orb. After getting past the obstacles on the fly to the orb, they find The reoccurring immortal genie. So they have to fight him. When the genie is defeated, a creepy looking Puffball appears. It murmurs, "It's his heir," and blasts the Lor Starcutter with a blast of energy. Jane and Kirby escape the ship, which explodes. The puffball, called Deathicus, then tells Kirby and Jane about his past, and how he hopes to destroy Kirby, his former nemesis's heir. After being defeated by Kirby, the orange orb then explodes, and out comes a revived Starlord. Deathicus then explains that he planned to revive Starlord, and possess him, which he explains he easily did with his powers. He then enters Starlord's body, and uses it to battle Kirby. When the final blow gets dealt, Starlord's body(with Deathicus possessing it), shatters, and the fragments of it get sent into the remains of the Artifact. The darkness then dissapears, and Kirby and Jane walk back to their house. Somewhere, a ghostly Deathicus murmurs about dreams of revenge.


  • Megafalcon
  • WaddleBot
  • Plasma King
  • Sealord
  • Rock Golem
  • Sky Wyvern
  • Pix
  • Deathilord/Staricus


  • It debuts the character Deathicus, an evil, demigod of death.