Kirby: Fight the Knight is a 3D consle game made by H20guy. It has 9 areas into total, and 54 levels(including all boss stages).


Kirby has been sent back in time to medieval times, by a young prince named Jerryl. Jerryl informs Kirby that his kingdom is being taken over by darkness. Kirby vows to help in anyway he can. More to come soon...


Kirby has one copy ability only, Sword. But he can also unlock weapons during the game, such as sheild, helmet, bow and arrows, etc. Kirby can also perform other stunts such as a dash, jump, quick dodge, horse ride, etc. If a second player is playing they will play as Jerryl who has similar attacks to Kirby. If there is no 2nd player, Kirby can summon Jerryl during game, and Jerryl will use an attack. To summon Jerryl, Kirby must fully fill the blue bar(by defeating enemies and collecting blue orbs), and the bar has 5 levels. The higher the level the stronger the attack.