Kirby: A Camping Disaster is a comic that was given with the game Kirby: Starry Battles 2 to those who preordered it. It was also sold at Free Comic Book Day.


Kirby sends out an ivitation to people so they could come on a camping trip. Those people were Meta Knight, Jane, Spear Waddle Dee, and King Dedede. They go out to camp in Whispy Woods, and find an old wooden hut. In it is a wooden doll. Kirby and his friends set up camp in there, when the doll moves a little bit. Only Spear Waddle Dee notices it, and throws his spear at it, thinking it might be dangerous. It misses, and hits a wall. Jane wonders what is up with him, and a leafy hand grabs her. It throws her at Kirby, knocking him over. They roll into King Dedede, who freaks out and thinks he's been attacked. He starts smashing things, while Meta Knight tries to calm him down. Meta Knight when finds himself against wall, seemingly having been thrown by something. After recovering from all olf the chaos, the group started telling eachother ghost stories. During this, the doll walked towards them, while King Dedede told the most stupid and dumb ghost story ever. The doll freaked everyone out, and Kirby tries to inhale it. The doll then makes a barrier infront of it made of wood, stopping Kirby. It explains that its name is Prime Karval, a living doll made from wood. He can control things that are partially wood, so he sends out a horde of evil plant monsters. Kirby inhales one, and becomes Leaf Kirby. Prime Karval then yells, "LEAVE MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!", and fires a gigantic amount of wooden spears at Kirby. At the last moment, Kirby transforms into Overgroth Leaf Kirby, the super version of Leaf Kirby. With this ability, Kirby knocks all of the spears away, and destroys Prime Karval in an explosion of wood. Spear Waddle Dee then says "Can we go now? I don't like camping anymore." They then leave, but after that, a fragment of Prime Karvel starts to merge with the huts floor, and a familiar face appears.


  • Prime Karval makes his first appearance.