Kirby's species is, as it's name suggests, Kirby's species. They are commonly known as "Puffballs","Star Warriors" (Though this is due to the species making up the bulk of the Star Warrior army), "Pink Puffs" and simply, "Kirbies" or “Kirbians”.


Kirby's species is known for it's round "puffy" body, which is mostly fat. They are surprisingly maliable, and are very resilient. They are able to withstand extreme temperatures with little ill effect, and they are able to "absorb", or "copy" most attacks. They appear to have no skeletal structure, shown by Kirby's movements when hitting a wall or falling from certain height. The species also appears to lack teeth.

Despite their common name "Pink Puff", not all of Kirby's species are pink, and in fact most tend to be other colors, such as purple, gray, red, yellow, green and blue. All colors have blushing cheeks, however, and small stubby hands. They posess thick, boot-like feet, which are believed to be an adaptation to traveling and exploring, as this is a favorite hobby of many of Kirby's species.

Some of Kirby's species, including Kirby himself, have shown to posses an amazing ability where they can "inhale" an enemy, and they can use it's weapons or even copy it's DNA signature.

Even though Kirby's species has extra-long longevity, their mental maturing process takes about 10 times longer than their physical maturing.


Kirby's species seem to be omnivorous. They can eat anything up to, or even larger than, their size, and they usually eat it whole or they can also eat things a bit bigger than them such as defeated Mini-Bosses, super inhale blocks and even Pactos . They're also able to eat many things other creatures are unable to eat, such as rotten food, silverware, bombs, etc. without ill effect. Scientists believe they have a special bacteria that helps them do this, but there is no proof of this.

Related SpeciesEdit

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Time sprites such as Void are time mages resembling Kirby's Species. Their DNA is very different than Kirby's, as shown in Azor and Flirel, who are half time sprite, and half Kirby's species. Azor grew 4 hard, diamond shaped, wings from her back, while Flirel has 3 scarf-like appendages.

Anikels from Kirby Legends Eternal are a wolflike sub-species who seem to worship some sort of being made up of the life force of Popstar. Sutis is their king.

Notable KirbiesEdit

  • Kirby: Savior of Dream Land and Pop Star, and Jane's true love.
  • Jane: Kirby's true love.
  • Aronus: A member of Kirby's Species, yet doesn't use his inhale power at all. In fact, doesn't even know how.
  • Meta Knight (Unconfirmed as a member of the species): Leader of the Meta-Knights.
  • Galacta Knight (Unconfirmed as a member of the species): Former greatest warrior in the galaxy.
  • Ancient: Crewmember onboard the Halberd.
  • Shator: Conqueror of Worlds.
  • Rotahs: Mirror of Shator.
  • Ybrik: The alternate opposite of Kirby.
  • Shuriken: A ninja master puffball
  • Arrow: A puffball and sharp-shooter mix
  • Pocket kirby:a sub kirby thing
  • Manic Pufal: The son of Zero
  • Xau: Half dragon half Puffball
  • Alpha: The lionhearted and preeminent leader/captain of The Epsilon Quartet.
  • Delta: Alpha's girlfriend, partner and teammate of the Epsilon Quartet.
  • Beta Knight: Delta's former love and co-leader of the Meta Knights.
  • Gamma: The most vigorous, tempestuous, and vehement member of the Epsilon Quartet.
  • Zeta: Gamma's girlfriend, verbal sparring buddy, and colleague of the Epsilon Quartet.
  • ? ? ?: The unascertained entity of unmitigated malevolence and malignance.