Hello, and welcome to the Kirby Fan Fiction Wiki Game Center! Here, you can participate in many fun things!. Hope you enjoy your time here!


  • Every time you beat a game, you get points. The symbol for points is P. Each person gets 10 P when they start doing games here.
  • You can use these .points to buy things from the giftshop. When you buy stuff with points, you loose points. Soend carefully!


I only have two game idea currently. Feel free to give suggestions for games that could be added!

The Guessing GameEdit

Today's One: Who is my favorite YouTube person?

Who ever gets the correct answer first wins 10 points!

A. .yogscast

B. adamzonetopmarks

C. lobscast

D. UberHaxorNova.

THE ANSWER: B. adamzonetopmarks

10 Brave Kirbys answered first, so he gets 10 points! Next guessing game will come soon!

The Searching GameEdit

For this one, you have to search for every dot (.) that isn't being used as a period in a sentence. Good luck!

Whoever finds them all gets 5 points. Whoever finds them in a fast amount of time wins .10 points!

Remember, NO CHEATING!

Name this.....Edit


  • Files.
  • Gives an ability.
  • Appears in KRtDL.
  • The given ability has a remade hat.
  • Bonus: Plant-like


Shacho answered first, so he gets 10 points! Next naming game will come soon!

The GiftshopEdit

It takes one day for something to go back in stock.

Stuffed Animal BoothEdit

  • Plush Kirby- 10 P
    • In Stock: 20
  • Plush Spear Waddle Dee- 10 P
    • In Stock: 19
  • Plush Meta Knight- 15 P
    • In Stock: 16
  • Plush Deathicus- 30 P
    • In Stock: 5
  • Plush Halcandra Bronto Burt- 15 P
    • In Stock- 11


  • Model Kirby- 10 P
    • In Stock: 20
  • Model King Dedede's Hammer- 30 P
    • In Stock: 5
  • Model King Dedede- 15 P
    • In Stock: 10
  • Model Meta Knight VS. Waddle Doo- 10 P
    • In Stock: 20


A room is the place you keep something you've bought. For example, if you've bought a plush Kirby, you'll put it in your room. These are the steps to creating a room. Do not lie when doing this.

  1. Make a blog post, called "My Room."
  2. Make a list of the items you've got.
  3. Type down how many points you have.
  4. If you have adopted something or got a gift, show a picture of it.