Hexar(true form)

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Shacho, 2012


Halcandran Plasma Wisp





Hexar was an evil Plasma Wisp from the planet Halcandra. He was the founder of Hexacorp, and was the one who industrialized part of Halcandra (Egg Engines).


One day, Hexar founded Hexacorp, the first major company on Halcandra. His machinery making industry grew, and ended up becoming a monopoly. Hexar was very pleased by this, and started to become power mad. He then sent a fleet of his ships to Popstar, hoping that his monopoly would spread to there. During Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Kirby destroyed one of Hexacorps most powerful robots, Metal General. Angered by this, Hexar sent an entire armada of ships to invade Popstar. When the armada arrived, many Puffballs and other people on Popstar were abducted and brought to Halcandra. Kirby then returned to Halcandra, and battled Hexar. After Hexar's apparent defeat, Hexar entered a giant robot known as HexaZero. When HexaZero self destructed in Egg Engines, Hexacorp and Hexar were destroyed.


  • Hexar was the reason Neon became a cyborg.