Fizz is 10 Brave Kirby's Persona. Fizz is a male sky blue Sparky who is a trainee with his master Puffs and his friend/trainmate Bammer. He's part of the Clouzzbam Team: a team who searches for tresure and just hangs out in secret places trying to save Dreamland from Azon, they also try to rival out the Squeak Squad. He is adopted by Kibby

...and Fizz the one with real shock!-Fizz saying his part in his team slogan.








Spark Powers




Puffs, Bammer

Main Rival


Physical ApperanceEdit

Fizz is a sky-blue Sparky. Nothing much.


Like his Creator he is very cheery and always thinks positively. Fizz may be nice and forgiving but is very forgetful and has a hard time of keeping track of things. Fizz daydreams and thinks of things many pepole don't. For most boys Fizz is weaker and doesn't appear to like sports as much as others. Fizz also likes technology, surfing the web and doing stuff on the computer. Fizz also likes swimming and has sensitive eyes. Last of all Fizz is very mannerly and says "Thank You" alot.


Fizz was born as a Sparky but the village he lived in was being attacked. His mother and father wanted Fizz to be safe so they put him on the doorstep of Butter Building. An unmasked Sir Kibble named Kibby adopted him and raised him. Fizz then met Puffs and made fast friends with him. They formed a team and named it the Clouzz team based off of puffs being a Cret and the last letters of Fizz's name. One day the duo found a tresure chest but a T.A.C whould have killed the duo trying to get out of thier hands but Bammer saved them. They accepted Bammer into the team. One day Azon an evil puffball attacked Dream Land and saince Azon has the power to split himself into four clones with seprate elements: Fire, Air, Earth and Water. Fizz and his team split up to defeat each Azon in each corner tower of Dream Land "With Kirby going after the fire element. After Azon was defeated he flead seeking revenge.


Name Effect Damage Class
Spark Surge Fizz sets on his Spark Field shocking foes. This is stronger than Kirby's but not as rangeful. Normal
Tazer Fizz paralyzes anyone in front of him for a few seconds. Weak
Mega Bolt Fizz charges tons of power and shoots it out. This uses a lot of his energy however. Strong
Safe Spark Fizz creates very weak defensive Spark Fields around his teamates. Defensive
Puff Pulvelizer Fizz shoots a Mega Bolt at Puffs and at the right time Puffs redirects it with extra power to hit the foe. Very Strong

Kirby RPG MovesetEdit

Name Extra Effect Damage Level Class Skill Points Used
Spark Surge No extra effect but damage. 10-15 N/A Magic 0
Tazer Paralizes foe. N/A N/A Magic 2
Charge Raises Magic and Defense. N/A 2 Self 3
Spark Barrier When foes attack 40% is reduced N/A 4 Team 5
Thunderbolt 10% of paralyses. 20-25 5 Magic 5
Shock Stomp May lower a foe's stat by 25% 15-25 6 Physical 6
Circuit Shock Hits all foes. May paralize by 15% 10-15 7 Magic 7
Orb Hit No extra effect but damage. 18-35 8 Physical 5
Mega Bolt Needs 1 turn to charge. 35-43 9 Magic 8
Fizz Ultimate No extra effect but damage. 40-50 10 Physical 10


  • Fizz's personality is entirely based off of his creator.