Dust kirby is an ability that first appers in Kirby's 3D World.You can get it from the enemy Duster Dee and the mini-boss Dustdoom .It allows kirby to sweep damageing dust at his foes and is pretty useful for cleaning up spiderweb walls that block items and doors.Kirby can also use the fether duster rod to go down ziplines.

Dust Kirby
Dust kirby
"Do you hate those spiderwebs blocking the way?Just twirl them away.Or you can also make enemies eat your dust.Do it cleaning star!"-Flavor text






Duster Dee




Wii are the crystal gems

Attack Controls Effect Damage
Dust 1 Kirby extends his duster and dust comes out. 10
Extention Duster 1 Hold......Relese Kirby extends his duster but this time it's longer,More powerful,And more dust comes out. 40
Sweep B+1 Kirby Ducks and spins a full 360 Degrees Leaving a circle of dust around him. 20
Twirl Dash+1 Kirby lunges while twisting his duster.This is the fastest way to clean up spiderwebs. 30
Dust spin 1 in the air Kirby spins in the air and dust circles around him. 15
Dust prank. 1 near foe Kirby Dusts the foe so they can not see due to the big cloud of dust on them. N/A
Dust Hide A then relese Kirby stops guarding and a dust explosion comes out of him. 15