Dr. Simirror is King Dedede's medic and a former resident of The Citadel.

Appearance Edit

Dr. Simirror is a Simirror with yellow eyes, a yellow cloak, and a yellow sun hat with a blue ribbon wrapped around it and a red plus sign displayed on the front. He wields a simple bronze scepter with a chunk of rough citrine on the end.

Personality Edit

Dr. Simirror is usually polite and courteous, he tries to keep a level head and always tries to help when people are hurt. He can get angry but never lets his emotions get in the way of his medical wor.

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  • Dr. Simirror's theme music is "Trauma Center: Under The Knife - Main Theme".
    OST - Trauma Center Under The Knife- Trauma Center Main Theme

    OST - Trauma Center Under The Knife- Trauma Center Main Theme.

    Dr. Simirror's theme music.

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