Dedede Mecha-Wyvern
Dedede Mecha-Wyvern
"Dedede has unleashed his newest weapon, Can it be beaten?"- Pause Screen, Dedede Mecha-Wyvern Boss Battle

Created by/in

2011, Shacho


Kirby: Starry Battles


Castle Dedede 2.0

The Dedede Mecha-Wyvern is a large wyvern shaped mech. It is powered by the Artifact and piloted by King Dedede.


It's unknown what the Dedede Mecha-Wyvern's past is, but it's believed King Dedede and Bandana Dee one day found the Artifact on the ground. King Dedede then probably ordered his Waddle Dees to create the Dedede Mecha-Wyvern, which King Dedede used the Artifact to power it. He then attacked Kirby and Jane with the Mecha-Wyvern, and flung Kirby and Jane to different corners of Popstar with it. Kirby and Jane later battled the Mecha-Wyvern, with it in the end being destroyed.

VS. Dedede Mecha-WyvernEdit

In the beggining of the battle, Kirby is on the top of Castle Dedede 2.0. at night. Soon, the Dedede Mecha-Wyvern flies across the screen. The battle then begins. The Dedede Mecha-Wyvern's first attacks are shooting lasers from its mouth, eye laser blasts, and trying to grab Kirby. As the battle progresses, the Dedede Mecha-Wyvern's attacks get stronger, and the Mecha-Wyvern now goes to the backround, spins around, and flies towards Kirby, trying to hit him. When the Mecha-Wyvern has low health, it'll shoot large missiles at Kirby. When it reaches 1% health, it'll preare to self-destruct. If Kirby doesn't attack soon, the Mecha-Wyvern will explode and K.O. Kirby. When Kirby attacks, the Mecha-Wyvern will explode, and King Dedede will land the ground, seemingly unconsious.


  • Some of the Dedede Mecha-Wyvern's attacks are similar to Dyna Blade, Grand Doomer, and Metal General's attacks.