Bowling Kirby

"Roll, roll, roll, bowl, bowl, bowl--- KO! Ten enemies in a row!"

Bowling Kirby is a copy ability where Kirby uses bowling balls as a weapons. He obtains it by inhaling a bowing ball. It has a low amount of attacks, but will do in a pinch.

This Ability appears in kirby and the time tassle.


Bowling Kirby is purple, and now wears white bowling pin-like shoes. He has half of an almond brown bowling bowl on top of his head, and carries about a dark scarlet bowling ball. To summarize, Kirby has half a bowling ball for a hat, has bowling shoes, and turns purple.


B Bowl Set Kirby sets a bowling ball on the ground.
B After Bowl Set Bowl Throw Kirby rolls a bowling ball across the floor that goes on if it hits enemies. If it hits ten in a row, Kirby gets a 1up.
Dash B Bowling Roll Kirby turns into a bowling ball. This attack is exactly like the Wheel Kirby attack exept it's bigger less damage and if Kirby hits ten enemies in a row, he gets a 1up
A + B + Down Heavy Stone Kirby does a similar attack to Stone Kirby's attack, but he becomes bowling-styled items